• You can affix the hele hoof cushion very easily and rapidly in laminitic horses even when they are severely lame.
  • Pain relief is immediate due to the reduction in weight bearing of the toe and solar margin.
  • The immediate orthopaedic management of tendon and accessory ligament lesions is possible without much hassle. The flexor tendons and associated structures are offered maximal relief, thus preventing further damage (caution: not to be used in cases of suspensory ligament lesions).
  • The orthopaedic effect and weight bearing comfort are much better than with plaster or cast bandages. In particular, sidestepping is more comfortable due to the relief of the solar margin.
  • Further damage to the suspensory apparatus of the third phalanx or to the tendons, which can be the case in horses under sedation or anaesthesia (local or general), is prevented.
  • Act in the interest of animal welfare by using the hele hoof cushion prophylactically in case of retained placenta or grain overload. Through the elevation of the heels, horses are spared the catastrophic consequences of laminitis.
  • A hoof cushion which has been affixed correctly stays on for much longer than a plaster cast. It is flexible, resilient and does not get squashed. Contrary to hard foam or wooden wedges it does not break. For instructions on how to affix it see the video.
  • The porous nature of the cushion prevents the formation of thrush which can sometimes be of a disadvantage with plaster or cast bandages. Thus thrush is a thing of the past.
  • Another advantage compared to plaster or cast bandages is that the hoof can be cooled.
  • Last but not least- the price is unbeatable. You save on costs of materials, labour costs, sedation, regional or general anaesthesia.

If you are still unsure, try out the hele hoof cushion with the starter pack. Be among the first. You will be surprised at the gratitude of your clients and patients.

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